Frequently asked questions

Q. How to clean L-shield?

Easy to clean with mild soap or wet vipes.

Q. Are L-Shield free from PVC?

Of course!

Q.   How do you mount  L-shield?

You place L-Shield between the changing table and the changing pad without tools.
If you need to maximize safety on both sides of the changing table, you can easily place two L-Shield togheter.


Q.  Where is L-shield produced?

L-shield is produced by ASPA PLAST AB who is stationed in Bålsta in Uppsala.

Q. Can i buy L-Shield online?

Yes, you can buy L-Shield from our retailers.

Q. Do you make collaboration?

Yes and we love them, contact

Q. I have problems with my product?

Contact the retailer you bought your product from.

More questions? Mail us on or send us a dm on instagram!